As a maker working in clay, I am deeply committed to creating finely crafted ceramics that are functional as well as being beautiful objects in and of themselves. As my ceramic work inevitably changes, beauty and function remain the two constants that guide it. The forms my creative expression take steadily evolve as I sift through and process the influx of visual stimuli, my creative impulses, and personal experiences.  In my work, I explore the interplay of form, pattern, texture, and color. Through this experimentation, I hope to create visually and tactilely interesting surfaces that invite touch and are a joy to use in everyday life.


Esther Ann Smith grew up in central Minnesota, constantly involved in making and creating in many forms since she was a child.  She was introduced to clay in her teens, captivated by the feeling of it in her hands, as well as the process of transforming raw earth into beautiful, functional objects.

In 2011, Esther, and now husband Erik, relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She studied at Santa Fe Community College, exploring different clays, surface techniques, firing temperatures, and glaze formulation.  This time period was integral to the development of her style, allowing her to discover her own way with clay.  Working with a smooth porcelain, using stamps, slips, and stains, she creates objects that are both beautiful and functional, meant for daily use and enjoyment.

She has been making and selling ceramics professionally since 2014 and in 2018, founded InFlux Ceramics.  She and her husband reside in rural Santa Fe, NM, where they work from their shared clay studio, enjoying the surrounding wide open space and sky.

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